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I was born and raised in Athens, the city that never sleeps, under the sign of Gemini which offers to all Spring children the gift of ever-lasting youth. I studied music (harmony, counterpoint, piano and guitar) and have worked as a professional musician for 15 years. For the past 10 years I have delved into the field of computer music programming, as a performer, arranger and composer. My attraction to, and interest in, drawing began as a very young child; it has led me to explore the world of computer graphics, 3d environment and animation. I have produced computer-art posters and short animations which were used for advertising and musical video-clips, all created in my own home studio.
My career has afforded me the opportunity to play with several bands, the most popular being a group called "FATME" which I helped co-found. During the 80's FATME's popularity soared, and the group recorded 5 LPs. I have also had the great fortune of musically collaborating with a variety of well-known vocalists, including Dimitra Galani, Aphrotidi Manou, Loukianos Kilaidonis, and Haris Alexiou.
Over the last five years, it has been a pleasure to perform with 2 young ballad singers, Dionysis Tsaknis and Laurendis Mahairitsas. In 1994 I recorded my first personal LP called "Myths" (a combination of minimal, ambient, soundtrack-like music and songs).
The expansion of the WWW has prompted me to create these web pages in order to display my work, promote the arts, and link myself with the rest of the world. I would be honored to have your suggestions, ideas or even common chat on email. Thank you...

Check out my Portfolio, which contains samples of my work and resume.




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